Keyboard RAVCORE Blade USB


Wire length: 1,8
Mechanism: Membrane
Software: Drivers on the website
Wrist pad: Yes
Illuminated keys: RGB colors
Key drop: classic
Keyboard type: full-sized
Win lock: Yes
Anti ghosting: Yes

Backlight mode: 1

Adjusting the backlight intensity: Brak

Macros management: Yes

Spill-resistant design: Yes

Way of connection: USB

Braided cable: Yes

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Keyboard RAVCORE BLADE – hot, cold and merciless as Blade killer! With its robust design, based on an aluminum housing and rugged cable braided year you sowed terror in the enemy ranks.

9 Programmable keys / 4 PROFILE
Personalize the keyboard according to your needs in a neat and intuitive software. 9 programmable buttons, adapted to handle the settings macro 2 charge modes and 4 user profiles allow you to assign functions to the various keys and set the macros in dozens of combinations, according to your preferences in individual games. 2 control modes allow you to quickly decide whether section WSAD keys or directional responsible for controlling the character in the game.

RAVCORE BLADE keyboard has LED backlighting, adjustable from dedicated software in 4 different segments. You can customize them to your individual preferences, based eg. On the colors of the backlight of your PC, mouse or just your favorite colors.

Windows key, Alt + Tab, and other options and keyboard shortcuts can cause sudden interruption of the game and display the Windows desktop. With the key lock Windows you do not have to worry about – focus on the game, get out of it only when you want it yourself!

Adjusting the sampling rate (polling rate of 125, 250, 500, 1000 Hz), and the response time of the buttons will adjust the sensitivity and speed of your keyboard to the requirements of each game. Be the first, dominant in the game!


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