Active-comp offers

a variety of services including laptop and desktop repairs, upgrades, speed-up and building custom rigs. As part of our offer, we offer a full range of services related to repair, diagnostics and modernization of computer hardware. We especially specialize in the segment of mobile devices (laptops, tablets, phones) that recently dominate the market.

We repair phones (smartphones) and tablets after falling or flooding. We replace ripped power outlets and screen / touch in devices.

Regardless of the complexity of the defect, we will check the profitability of the repair and provide reliable advice.


  Replacing the display

   Software update and change

  Exchange of joysticks and switches

  Replacement of LCD tapes and displays

  Phone maintenance after flooding

  Replacement of circuits on motherboards

  Repair of charging faults

  Repair of reception faults

  Free evaluation of repair costs